Data Governance Committees & Roles


Executive Council - This council meets quarterly. It establishes the strategy/vision for data governance at KU, provides overall direction, and serves as final arbiter for conflict resolution. 

Executive Council members

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Data Council - This council, made up of data stewards representing key university data sources, meets at least monthly. It implements the strategy defined by the executive council by setting priorities, creating data project teams, standardizing terms that cross functions, managing change control, and defining data security.

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Data governance consists of processes and tasks that staff perform within their organization. When these activities are executed well, all data users enjoy easier and faster access to the data they need to make decisions. Data governance is a team effort, and the roles are unique yet interdependent. 

Data Steward - A data steward has oversight responsibility for a subset of the university's data and is concerned with the meaning of data and the correct usage of data.

Current Data Stewards

Data Trustee - A data trustee is concerned with risk and appropriate access to data.

Current Data Trustees

Data User/Citizen - A data citizen is an individual who has access to university data as part of assigned duties or in fulfillment of assigned roles or functions within the university community.