Data Classifications, Certifications & Domains

Data Classifications

There are four classification levels of institutional data at the University of Kansas. To ensure proper handling and sharing of data, please use the following classification levels. Data classifications are listed below starting with the most sensitive to least sensitive:

Critical (Formerly Level 1) - Innapropriate handling of this data could result in criminal or civil penalties, identity theft, personal financial loss, invasion of privacy, and/or unauthorized access. Access will typically be granted on a case-by-case basis to a very small group of individuals. This data must be encrypted while being stored or transmitted.


Restricted (Formerly Level 2) - Because of legal, ethical, or other contraints, this data requires autorization to be accessed. Accesss will typically be granted by job or system access roles. It is recommended that this data is encrypted while being stored or transmitted.


Internal - This data may be accessed by employees of the university for purposes of university business.


Public (Formerly Level 3) - Few restrictions are places on this data and it is generally releasable to a member of the public upon formal request. Employees must consult the "Releasing Information to Third Parties" policy prior to releasing any data to a member of the public. Examples of public data include FERPA directory information, course offerings, annual reports, and more.

See the Data Handling Guide for appropriate storage and sending of critical, restricted, internal and public data. 

Data Classification and Handling Guide (pdf)

Data Certification Levels

There are four levels of data certification at the University of Kansas. Employees are responsible for understanding and assuring the level of data quality. The following scale should be used to communicate the data quality level of a particular data set or analysis. It should also be used by anyone performing data analysis using institutional data to ensure the level of data quality is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of a particular request.

Level 0 SymbolNot Certified - USE EXTREME CAUTION - Data has not been run through a data quality program and the risk of use is fully assumed by the user.

Moderately Certified - USE CAUTION- Data has been run through some data quality checking, but continuous data quality monitoring is not occurring. Definitions may or may not be available in the university data catalog. Remediation may or may not have occurred, and known issues may or may not be documented.

Certified for Internal Reporting - Data has been and continues to be run through a data quality program that is actively monitored by the Data Steward. Definitions are documented in the university data catalog. Known data issues have been thoroughly documented.

Certified for Official Reporting - Data has been run through a strict data quality program and has been used for official reporting. Data cleansing has occurred.

Data Certification Guide (pdf)

Subject Areas

Data governance standards and protocols apply to all University of Kansas data. This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas of University data:

  • Alumni
  • Faculty
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Infrastructure
  • Research
  • Students